Running This Week: November 22, 2021 (2023)

After a few lighter weeks the racing volume was heavy again! HeJFK 50 miles,Golden Gate Trail Classic,Madeira Island Ultratrail, and theEuropean Skyrunning Championshipsthey were at the top of the list, and quick results abounded in South Africa, Norway, and Ohio as well.

JFK 50 Mile – Boonsboro, Maryland

It was the 59th edition of theJFK 50 miles. The point-to-point race covers diverse terrain starting on the Appalachian Trail, traversing the flat and fast C&O Canal Towpath for 26 miles and ending with eight miles of paved roads. The race is the oldest ultramarathon in the United States, and having been held in 2020 when not so many other races had, it may also now be the longest continuously run race of any distance in the United States.


Adam PetermanHe's had an incredible year, and the 26-year-old kept up his hot streak here. Peterman led the whole way and won in 5:19. He was just ahead of the course record pace until mile 38, but ultimately finished 58 seconds behind.Hayden Hawks2020 course record. This was Peterman's 50-mile debut, and it came just two weeks after setting a new race record.Moab Trail Marathon.

Zack Beavinit was a distant second in 5:35; he too had a strong 2021 to look back on. Beavin broke an old onePaseando Jim 40 millasCourse record this summer.Eric Flaghe was right behind Beavin the whole way and finished third in 5:39.

Adam Peterman crossing his way through the JFK 50 Mile 2021. Photo: Andy Mason


Between kilometers 27 and 38,Sara Cummingsysarah biehlhe made moves, jumping from fourth and fifth to first and second. Cummings was 24 seconds ahead of Biehl at mile 27 and 59 seconds ahead at mile 38. It was still the two Sarahs at the finish, but now with Cummings in 6:18 and Biehl second in 6:22. Their results placed third and fourth at JFK, and marked huge jumps from 2020. The pair were second and fifth in last year's race in 6:57 and 7:22 when they both took a wrong turn.

2009 race winnerDevon yankoshe was third in 6:31, just two minutes shy of her field record of more than a decade ago. It was certainly a fast year for the women's race.

This year's race had 933 official finishers. Take a look at iRunFar separatelyJFK 50 Mile Results Article, also.

complete results.

Sarah Cummings on her way to winning the 2021 JFK 50 Mile. Photo: Rich Secret

Madeira Island Ultra-Trail – Madeira Island, Portugal

iRunFar was on site with detailed coverage of the 115 kilometer competitive distance - here's thatresults article. The event also had distances of 85k, 60k and 42k, all on the challenging terrain of the island.


(Video) November 22, 2021

Hannes Namberger(Germany) crushed the competition in the 115k race. With a finish time of 14:00, he was well in front, 41 minutes ahead of second place. Things were much closer after the favourite.Dmitri Mityaev(Russia) outdueledJean-Philippe Tschumi(Switzerland) in the second half of the race, finishing second in 14:40 to Tschumi's 14:49.

Hillary Allen(USA) held a similar lead in the women's race. She won in 17:18.Kirsten Amundsgaard(Norway) made a late jump to second place at 17:57, just over a minute ahead ofEkaterina Mityaeva(Russia).

The start of the Madeira Island Ultra-Trail 2021. Photo: iRunFar/Bryon Powell


Janosch Kowalczyk(Germany) won the men's race in 9:25, almost an hour ahead of second.marion delespierre(France) triumphed in the women's race in 11:17, 30 minutes better than second placeYngvild Kaspersen(Norway).


2021CCCwinnerThibaut Garrivier(France) returned to form, leading the race in 6:18. Coming back from injuryPau Capell(Spain) was second in 6:27.Rosanna Buchauer(Germany) andtaylor nolin(USA) ran 7:15 and 7:42 in front of the women's race. Nowlin mentioned the challenging course on social media after the race: "Unfortunately my quads didn't make it."


small jesurun(United States) andSheila Aviles(Spain) won the marathon-distance race in 3:35 and 4:01. “It was super exciting to be able to be on the start line after the time I was out,” Avilés said on social media about his comeback race. "I was able to enjoy my passion again."

complete results.

European Skyrunning Championship – Sao Pedro do Sul, Portugal

held as part of theextreme stomprace, the three-day event included two days of Skyrunning championships. The European championship is held every two years, and this year it featured 20 different countries.


Friday's 65k race featured 6,500 meters (21,325 feet) of positive elevation gain.

Manuel Merillas(Spain) overcame a bad 15k crash in the race and got alongsideAnders Kjarevik(Norway) for most of the race. Merillas climbed the final 900 meter climb to break free and win in 8:31. That was an incredible 83 minutes better than the course record. Kjærevik was a close second in 8:40, andManuel Anguita(Spain) was also there in third place at 8:43.

The women's race was equally close.Sandra Sevillano(Spain) pushed hard on the last descent to win in 10:37, more than four hours better than the best of the previous course.Varvara Shikanova(Russia) was second in 10:44, andZulfiya Gaynanova(Russia) was third in 11:04.

Manuel Merillas won the 65k Skyultra distance of the Pisão Extreme race during the Skyrunning European Championships. Photo: Skyrunning

(Video) November 22, 2021


Saturday's 35k run totaled 3,500 meters (11,480 feet) of vertical ascent.

Stian Angermund(Norway) lost her 2019 career longest distance course record, but won one here. He won, as he has in so many Golden Trail World Series races this year, in 3:42, and that was a new track record. “Such a high level of young athletes who push me to do my best,” Angermund commented online about his challengers.cristian minoggio(Italy) andJordi Sanchez(Spain) were second and third with 3:44 and 3:51, respectively.

Patricia Pithe sword(Spain) led the women's race, of course also in a new record time, in 4:37.fabiola conti(Italy) andMireia Pons(Spain) were a distant second and third in 4:56 and 4:57, exactly one minute apart.

complete results.

Patricia Pineda was the female champion of the 35k Sky distance of the Pisão Extreme race at the Skyrunning European Championships. Photo: Skyrunning

Classic Golden Gate Trail – San Francisco, California

Nearly 1,500 runners ran four distances in the Marin Headlands at the first-year event.

Riders take off from the start line at the inaugural Golden Gate Trial Classic. Photo: Emily Tidwell/Spartan Trail


colton galeyclaire heslopthey were big winners, 26 and 36 minutes ahead of their pursuers, respectively. Gale finished in 8:27 and Heslop in 10:37 to set the records for the inaugural year. The course crossed the Golden Gate Bridge twice.


male winnerjustin grunwaldhe was way ahead at 3:33, a full 30 minutes better than the others. The women's race was more closely fought withBridgette Takeuchiprincipalsarah classat the end, 4:30 to 4:41.

(Video) Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Nov. 22, 2021

Runners hit the trails at sunset in the inaugural Golden Gate Trail Classic. Photo: Emily Tidwell/Spartan Trail

Half marathon

The half marathon distance was perhaps the most competitive of the bunch. Just 19 seconds separated the male leaderseddie owensytan hem. The pair of trail running upstarts finished in 1:22 with Owens in front. Both have had great second halves of their racing year. Owens was part of the U.S. Mountain Running Team and Hemming has been on the podium of several competitive races.Andy Wackerhe was third in 1:26.

raquel drakeshe dominated the women's race in 1:39.Tabor Hemming (née Scholl)was second in 1:44, andmaryann gonghe ran 1:51 for third.

complete results.

Races and additional races

K-Way Skyrun – Lady Grey, South Africa

On the northeastern side of the Cape, theSkyrun K-Waycelebrated 25 years.Simon Tshabalalahe won but missed a new 100k record by just seconds, with a finish of 12:09.Tarrin van Niekerkshe won the women's race in 16:30.Mjongile Masilo Tonicled the 65k in 8:09, a new better course, andlandie graylingHe did the same in the women's race. Her finish in 9:41 was a new race record.

complete results.

Simon Tshabalala on his way to winning the 2021 K-Way Skyrun in South Africa. Photo: Rory Schaeffer

Tarrin van Niekerk was the 2021 K-Way Skyrun Champion. Photo: Rory Schaeffer

Bislett 24 Hour Indoor Challenge – Bislett, Norway

This race was held at the legendary Bislett Stadium on a two-lane track with a total of 546 meters per lap.Allan Hovda(Norway), a triathlete making his debut in the 24 hours inspired byby scott jurek eat and runbook, he crushed it with 485 laps (165 miles/265k). almost dwarfedJohn StoneNordic record, only faltering at the end.teresa falk(Norway) totaled 478 laps (162miles/261k) to win the women's race, finishing third overall and breaking the European record. Her result is believed to be third all-time, on all surfaces, behind a pair ofcamila herroncareers. Falk, 46, has excelled in a series of 24-hour races in the past 14 months with three races each totaling over 250k.complete results.

(Video) November 22, 2021

Griffith Park Trail 50k – Los Angeles, California

Derek DeCorveryevelyn trotónhe won the 50k under and around the famous Hollywood sign in 4:47 and 5:44, respectively.complete results.

Nine Trails 35 Mile Endurance Run – Santa Barbara, California

hayden hawksjust lostthe Jim Walmsley2019 course record. Hawks ran 5:13, 37 seconds behind the record.charlotte coxshe led the women's race in 7:04.Full results (when available).

Fat Ox 48 Horas – Buckeye, Arizona

olivier leblondhe is the champion, although this time he did not beat his own US record of 48 hours. He finished 201 miles in just over 33 hours before stopping. His record is 262 miles and dates from 2017.Deborah Huntzingershe won the women's race with 147 miles.jordan schmidtypaula olsonhe won the 24-hour race at 108 and 94 miles.complete results.

Dead Horse Ultra – Moab, Utah

jonathan reawon and set a new 50-mile record in 6:02, eight minutes better thanAlex Nicholstime from 2020.rebeca origshe won the women's long course in 8:37.Kyle LundySara Gagehe won the 50k in 3:17 and 4:08.complete results.

A view of the landscape seen during Dead Horse Ultra. Photo: Crazy Moose Events

Wild Hare 50 miles – Warda, Texas

Tomas Orfyerica heringhe won the Texas Trails 50-mile race in 7:24 and 10:29.Gabe Leatherwoodykatie caminantehe led the 50k in 4:30 and 6:08.complete results.

Alley Trail Marathon – Lancaster, Ohio

harvey lewisis back, not long after hisBig's backyardgain. This one was closer to his own backyard, on a 2.2-mile loop that totaled about 6,000 feet of positive elevation gain for the entire race. Lewis finished in 4:28 despite having to tape his shoe shut to overcome a broken lace.justine koksalshe won the women's race and was fourth overall in 5:04.complete results.

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